Monday, January 28, 2008

The wonderful land of Oz....Dr. Oz that is

Who is the man behind the curtain! (or next to the gross picture)

It is Dr. Mehmet Oz. The most famous physician in America! He is found that there is no place like home - "home" meaning the Oprah show. Dr. Oz is the author of several books You On A Diet, You the Owner's Manual, You the Patient. I had the great pleasure of seeing Dr. Oz speak in November an IIN class weekend. He reminded me of Oprah. He came out on stage and just presented fascinating information until they literally had to pull him off stage. His energy and enthusiasm were unmatched and he came from a place of sincerity and passion.

He told us about how there are more "seratonin receptors" in your gut then in your brain. This means that the nerves in your digestive areas respond to pleasure signals stronger than anywhere else in your body! Trying to "think" yourself into feeling better is not nearly as effective as eating yourself into feeling better. This is why we reach for that Ben and Jerry's when our positivity meter is barely getting off the ground. Eating in a positive manner and nourishing yourself with food that makes you feel good is what I am all about! Here was the nation's most famous doctor telling 1200 people that what we eat has a greater potential to make us feel good about ourselves than anything we can think about! I was in ecstasy!

Mehmet, when you read this, please grant me the liberty to tell all the readers of this blog you fully endorse all the above statements. It will be good for them to hear since you are a M.D. and I am just a guy who just likes to be positive. (and if I got any of the scientific stuff slightly askew please post a reply and set me can post under "anonymous".....oh, and let Oprah know that I will give her a call I've just been so busy working, blogging and making positive meals that January just slipped away)

stay positive,


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