Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sweet Potato Pizza Pie

I am starting to look like a crazed fan of the sweet potato. Tonight, this maniacal obsession was solidified when I made a sweet potato pizza pie. I guess pizza in Italian means pie so I am saying pie twice. Sorry to my Italian readers for the redundancy.

I also made a traditional pizza as I do every Thursday. This was the best dough Caitlyn's made. It really tasted like a cookie! She worked very hard at kneading it and got frustrated several times (oat bran is not the easiest to work with). I kept her positive though....

The sweet potato pizza was made by steaming sweet potatoes and blending them with leftover tomato juice from the other pizza's sauce. I used only goat cheese on this pizza and sprinkled black currants to give it a tart sensation in your mouth. This was quite possibly one of the greatest culinary adventures I ever went on. We remained truly positive and we have nice satisfied stomachs because of it.

Thanks for reading my blog.....have the most positive day possible!

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