Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fruit Pizza

Thursday night is pizza night here at Positive Eating! I always make two standard Mozzarella and tomato with homemade everything and one off the wall one. This week I ventured to make a fruit pizza.

I made the sauce similar to how I make the tomato sauce. I juiced pineapple, a mango and some cilantro. I seasoned this with Lime Pepper and a little salt. I squeezed in some lime juice to give it that extra citrus taste. Then I blended a 3/4 a cup of the juice with the remaining pulp.
After spreading the fruit sauce over the homemade dough....I sprinkled mozzarella and goat cheese on top, crossed my fingers and put it in the oven.

This was the finished product. The positive eaters of this pizza said the taste hit you in three stages. First the sweet fruit taste....then a weird taste they could not pinpoint....this was followed by the cilantro taste. Whether this was good or not is open to debate. It certainly was an adventure. Feel free to offer any suggestions.

Stay positive,


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caitlyn said...

It made a pretty good lunch too! I just ate it cold and it was really good. :)