Thursday, January 17, 2008

Coconut Sweet Potato Sauce

A cooking implement that is quite useful in the office but I failed to mention here thus far is the blender. That is right, I blend all sorts of stuff at work and love it! Today I blended together two of my favorite foods. I steamed a sweet potato and then pureed it with some coconut milk.

This created a rich and creamy base for a sauce. I thought it was genius! I then poured the pureed mixture into the rice cooker that was just used to steam the sweet potato. I let it simmer all morning with some peanut sauce spices. This was one delicious sauce. The potato cost me 50 cents and the coconut milke $1.39. The spices I had lying around so I don't k now how to quantify that. All in all this is a two dollar sauce my friends!
You pour it over $3 worth of brown rice noodles and you got yourself an incredible $5 meal that feeds three people! This sauce was absolutely delicious and I am tempted to make it tonight for dinner as well.
Please keep me posted on anything you'd like to see me try and cook! So far all of our fans tell us they want to see:

Exotic Fruits
Pictures of Ry Chi and me doing shots of Gac Chi
Pictures of us chasing the Gac Chi with fresh juice
Me actually doing my job instead of posting about food on the internet! (that was from my boss)

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