Friday, January 11, 2008

Created a double boiler!!

Today I stumbled upon how to create a double boiler at work to heat up various foods that were previously cooked earlier in the week. On Tuesday I made a ton of Adzuki Beans. I just made the entire package....which was good. I brought them to work and then was stuck on how I'd heat them up without using a microwave. I grabbed the scale/measuring thing and placed it on top of my hot pot!

What do you know? A perfect fit

Now my question is am I getting myself in trouble by heating up the pyrex?????

I'm off to enjoy steamed seasoned sweet potatoes and Adzuki beans!

Stay positive,


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Anonymous said...

FYI...Pyrex is designed to handle high heat; that's the whole point of it. So no, you won't run into trouble heating up the pyrex.