Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Accidental Avocado and Apple Sandwich

After a few fancy meals you must have forgot that this is a single, twenty five year old male posting.

So I decided to send a little reminder that I am still very much a "fly by the seat of my pants" meal maker. Nowadays however I believe that I "fly by the seat of my pants" with class and creativity. At Christmas a very special woman by the name of Karen wrapped up a huge Avocado...called a Slimcado (supposedly it has less fat) and gave it to me as proof that she was reading my blog. Well it was now ripe and ready to eat so I had to come up with something fast. I saw some apples on the table and grabbed some sandwich bread. Most young men can turn anything into a sandwich.

I chopped it nice and gingerly the way I learned from watching a DVD of former Top Chef Andrea Beaman. It needed something to "stick" it together... I perused through some other Christmas gifts and found some "Cinnamon Honey". You know those little jellies and jams that come in gift baskets and you find them sometime in July....I decided to use one now instead of trying to guess whether it had an expiration date in the future. Nutmeg always goes good with Cinnamon so I dashed some of that on. All of a sudden I had a delicous sanwich!

I am even impressed with the way I spread the honey on! If anyone has accidentally made a phenomenal sandwich...let us know!

Stay Positive,


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clallovi said...

i do that too only with jam, and sometimes oi even add some cheese ,... its real good!/// and im not even a guy( refering to what you mentioned about guys making sadwiches)... :D