Saturday, March 29, 2008

Welcome to the Party

Last night we celebrated, Positive Eating style! I invited family and friends over for some Sushi made by world reknowned Sushi chef Raymond Tu! I made three pitchers worth of fresh juice for everyone and we just listened to music and were positive. Many people were trying Sushi for their first time and were pleasantly suprised. I like to say it was thanks to Raymond Tu....but most people I encounter are pleasantly suprised by the taste of Sushi. I encourage you, when you are ready, to try it out.

This was a birthday party for anyone who spent this last year trying to live positively. I should have invited all the readers of this blog! Okay....okay I was a little lazy getting the invitations out to you all. I will give you plenty of notice for the next one.

Stay Positive,


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