Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bring some warmth to your vegetables

Monday when I was walking by the freezer case, I saw all of these vegetables confined to bags and just needed to set them free. The very chlorophyll in their veins must have turned to icicles! If you remember photosynthesis from science class you know that plants go through quite a process to extract energy from the sun. If you are looking for some more sun in your day all you have to do is eat plants. Especially dark green ones because that green color is the result of a photosynthesis explosion. For those of you who need a refresher course on photosynthesis view the diagram below:

I do not use frozen vegetables that much but have to promote them due to their longer shelf life and easy storage. Above is some organic broccoli that just needs to be warmed up. I am steaming these with my brown rice today. Nothing like a little broccoli, rice and sunshine for lunch!

Thawing out,


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JoAnn said...

Ha ha! I love this. I'm so phond of photosynthesis. Call it chlorophyllophilia?

These are a few of my favorite greens:

grape leaves

Sunshine in my belly makes me happy...