Wednesday, March 19, 2008

If it weighs as much as a duck.....

In an effort to be really cool, I tried to send all of you a post from New York. Unfortunately, not owning a laptop computer made that quite difficult. Here is a picture of me eating a duck at the Whym restaurant on 9th avenue in New York City. I shared a great meal with my friends Marian and Yael. The food was exceptional as well as the service.

As many of you have probably noticed, I rarely eat any meat. I am not a vegan or vegetarian. I am a "positivarian".....okay I am making up this term on the spot. I eat whatever is going to bring me positive energy. I tend to let the animals be. They are busy eating their grasses and I tend to do the same. A sense of adventure takes over me now and again and I try a dish with meat in it. The duck tasted very much like I thought a duck would taste like. My feelings on it were neutral.

I want to thank Marian for taking this photo with her Iphone. I am amazed at the photo quality.

Keep Your Heart Open,


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Anonymous said...

I love the new philosophy, "positivarian". Keep it going