Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Creative Office Cooking

When I first started working at a corporation it was a strange transition. My associates were friendly and we all sat at our cubicles loyally typing away. The atmosphere would become a little dull and topics of conversation cycled around local sports teams and sharing frustrations about work. Often positive energy currents were hard to come by. I began to look at the food we were all eating. Often it was microwaved leftovers from dinner the night before....a mundane food that probably received its share of internal criticisms when it was cooked fresh! I decided to venture out on a new path. Armed with nothing but a Rice Cooker, a Hot Pot, A Plastic Tube that you cook pasta in and a blender (I also had a Foreman Grill but don't let the company know), I was going to make food that kept me feeling alive!

Of course I know nothing about cooking. I am a single 25 year old male that used to eat 1lb hamburgers to make people laugh (I am not kidding....I'll post on that later). I am going to share some of my experiences using this wonderful internet tool. I've posted a couple of my creations already so look!

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Anonymous said...


Keep up the great work. You truly are an inspiration. Your creativity is wonderful, creating a new use or should I say a better use for those pasta cooking tubes, way to go!

Jeff Ferrazzo