Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cooking the soba noodles

After boiling some water in a hot pot I dumped into the "Pasta Perfect". This took 6-8 minutes to come to a resting position at the bottom of the tube.

Let's talk about Soba Noodles for a second.

Soba noodles are made from Buckwheat. A popular grain in Russia and many parts of Asia. Those with wheat allergies be careful. These Soba Noodles contain some Hard Winter Wheat. This term was really strange to me so I looked it up on wikipedia. Hard Winter Wheat is a wheat that grows right before the first frost. Farmers plant it in September soil. This practice was supposed to produce a heartier wheat that could last through the winter. Especially a long hard winter like the ones they experience in Russia. That is why this practice was brought to the US by Russian Menonites....who used it in Kansas? Not so sure how hard the winters are there....

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Chi Guy said...


I'm thankful I get to see you cook at work everyday. You make it look so easy and everything always tastes soooo good!!