Friday, July 2, 2010

Outside the Box for 2 Days

Hello Positive Eaters,

I am two days in to my "Shopping Outside the Box" Adventure. The closest I came to a grocery store was being in the same parking lot, when I went to the bank this morning. Yesterday, I made enough Soba Noodles from a Trader Joe's Soba Noodle Kit (thanks Sarah!) to carry me through lunch and dinner. I also stopped at Strawberry Hill Farm in Andover and picked up a cucumber, three tomatos and some lettuce. That produce will provide salads for the next couple days at work.

I don't feel particularly challenged by this yet. I am still stocked up on enough groceries to feel comfortable. I am sure as the cupboards go bare I will need to get creative. Last night, I actually went out of my way to be creative...just because I was kind of disappointed at not feeling more challenged as of yet. I made my own dough and baked a flat bread in the oven. Then I sautee'd some Swiss Chard in Olive Oil and Garlic and ate it over the flatbread. Very filling and very delicous!

Tonight is friday night and that means the juicing party throws down at the BSC in Andover. Since I will not be buying produce from the grocery store we will be limited only to fruits and vegetables from the farm stand. Looks like it will be Beets, Greens and a few Apples that were hanging out still at the house.

Tomorrow, I will hit the Farmer's Market in Andover. Look for a blog post on that.

Stay Positive,



Caitlyn Clark said...

Guess we'll have to find a farm in Maine to stop at after the Crystal Cave Spring. :)

Sarah said...

You're welcome. I hope they were good. I look forward to reading more about this challenge. Once you're done with it, I challenge you to do it in the winter! This is just way too easy with all the farm stands and fresh produce around. :)