Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shopping Outside the Box

Hello Positive Eaters,

This is the season of fresh fruits and vegetables, pick your own berry farms and farmer's markets. Nature is bringing forth its bounty and the weather beckons us outside. Why are we still roaming the fluorescent aisles of the supermarket? I thought about this on my way to Whole Foods one afternoon. I drive by two farm stands on my way there. These stands are open for the season and are selling many of the same items I go pick up at the market.

Many of the people who know me, consider me a Whole Foods addict. I probably help drive the stock price up or down. I once went a week without purchasing anything there just to show people I could do it. After a recent haranguing by my good buddy Mike, I threw out the idea of going one month without buying anything from Whole Foods. Mike did not think it was possible. Then I considered my thoughts regarding the farm stands I drive past on my way there and decided to take the challenge one step further. The challenge was set: for the entire month of July I will not shop at a supermarket!

This leaves farm stands, butcher shops, fish markets, small health food stores, local bakeries and other such grass root establishments the new recipients of my hard earned pay. This will be a transcendental movement into local food, economics and personal sacrifice. I am excited the places I will visit, the recipes I will come up with and the interesting array of people I will come into contact with. I am inviting you to come along with me as I plan to blog routinely about this. I believe you will receive valuable insight and entertainment from this and will also be a measure of truth that I am following through with this.

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