Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My search for Pure Spring Water

Hi Positive Eaters,

It is nice to be posting something here again. My exploits have involved trapsing through the woods in search of magical springs and healing mushrooms. I know, it sounds like a video game. I did not grow up with video games and still do not partake in any of these buzzing box fantasy worlds. I believe that we already live in a pretty remarkable world.

When my best friend Ryan got back from Kripalu where he took part in a David Wolfe program on naturally building your immunity to superhero levels, he told me that scattered around the world are thousands of natural springs where you can get pure, clean and fully mineralized water straight from the Earth. I heard "superhero" and "free" and was immediately interested. I found out that there was a spring only 16 miles from my house in Exeter, NH! I also visited springs in Swanzey, NH and Oakham, MA. If you want to find out if there is one near you check out Above is a picture of the Spring in Exeter.

This water is truly unbelievable. It comes right from the ground and when you fill up your jug there is no sediment of any kind to be found. The taste is pure and clean and completely devoid of chemicals. You need to try it! There is not cost involved and it is kind of fun to go hunting these springs down.

Stay Pure,



My next post will be on breathing...which is also free :)

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Cole said...

Hey Matthew,

Is this spring still active? I am looking for a good spring near Boston. Thanks,