Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just about Halfway/Mike and Matt's Spring and Farm Adventure

Hello Positive Eaters,

I am about halfway through the "Outside the Box" month and after a few rough spots things are going really well. As promised I made a big batch of Quinoa, Kale and Black Beans and a gigantic salad. I bought a bunch of fruit as a "dessert". That got me through four lunches and dinners! I must admit I got pretty tired of it after the third day. Here is a picture:

Not very exciting I guess...but sustaining.

Friday night at work was juice night. This time all of the ingredients in the juice came from the farm stand right down the street (Strawberry Hill Farm in Andover). The beets, the carrots, the swiss chard, parsley...everything were pulled up out of the Earth a stone's throw from the BSC in Andover. This early in the season the farms feature more vegetables and less fruit (berries and a few peaches are what is coming out at the moment). This juice was less than appetizing but made us feel great.

That's Rick in the background...he usually refuses anything I bring in to work saying "that's too healthy for me" in this case he lucked out. The juice was very nasty. Mike, Lisa, Laura and I took the plunge and were feeling a little more "juiced up" because of it.

Today, Mike and I went on a "Spring and Farm Adventure." Mike is friend of mine who is seeing the light. He committed himself to a healthy lifestyle back in January and is addicted nutrient dense food. Seriously, he would cut you if you tried to pry away bunch of kale or a farm fresh onion from him. He is down 83 pounds as a result! What can fruits and vegetables do for you?

A solitary blog post on this adventure is probably called for...but of course I forgot my camera!

We drove up to the Spring in Exeter and then hit Monahan Farms and Goudreault Farms on the way back down Route 108. After filling up our water jugs, we got some peaches and blueberries at Monahan's. Goudreault's featured fresh eggs so we both bought a dozen. Plus there was some great looking beets, broccoli and tomatoes there. Awesome stuff! I went home and made a broccoli and tomato omelet. The word fantastic does not even come close. I got to admit...these farm stands are making me wonder why I overspent on sub par produce at Whole Foods for so long. I will continue to shop there when the month is over, there is lots of stuff I like there that I am unable to get at a local farm stand (bananas being one major example). I also am enjoying all the friendly people I meet. The connectedness you form with your food after discussing the harvesting and tending of the crop with the people responsible for getting it to you is a really cool experience. These people are really in touch with the land and there is a calm and peaceful way about them that cannot really be described.

Alright, 17 days to go and lots more adventures to go on. Check back in soon

Stay Positive,


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