Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Final Week Outside the Box

Hello Positive Eaters,

We are here! The final week of shopping Outside the Box. Lots of adventures to share with you in this post...since we are coming towards the end I wanted to get in some great content that will hopefully give you a better glimpse into what this month was like for me.
I finally ran out of Quinoa and needed to think up a new idea fast. There were plenty of farm fresh veggies in the fridge so I put them in a cast iron frying pan and lightly sauteed them.

This was not going to carry me any sort of distance. I put some dough in the oven and made myself a baked flatbread and put these veggies on top. I added some fresh mozarella and instantly made a "pizza like creation." This was delicous and satisfied me for quite some time. The picture below says it all.

One beverage I often buy inside stores is iced tea. This month made me realize how insane it is to spend a $1.79 every time I feel like iced tea. There is more tea in my cupboards then you might find at a bed and breakfast. I can make my own. Simply pour hot water into a glass cylinder of some sort (I actually used a flower vase). Allow to cool...add ice or put in the fridge. Very simple...I may never purchase iced tea again....I do like Steaz and Guayaki though.

Now that my own iced tea was prepared it was time to re-stock up on the "Beverage of Everlasting Life"....Spring Water that is! I piled all my jugs into a milk crate and headed to Exeter. On recent trips, I brought all these loose bottles with me. This was incredibly inefficient, plus they were prone to tipping over this way. When I got to the spring there was a woman who was using the same milk crate system. I said "I just thought to put my jugs in milk crates today" she looked at me, cigarette dangling from her mouth and said "you sure are pretty slow aren't you." We both laughed and I kept my comments regarding her nicotine habit to myself.

I was committed to picking some Blueberries before the season comes to a close. In this month of filling my fridge and pantry with foood from farms, I did not pick a single item myself. That is shameful, I thought. I need to get close and touch the food as it comes out of the ground...or in this case off the bush. On the way to the spring I stopped at Monahan Farms and spoke to the very nice lady who works there. She gave me a bucket and said "Now there is no need to fill this up. Just make sure you pick the firm ones...the soft ones can be for the birds." Can you imagine hearing that at a grocery store?

I picked about 2.5 pounds of blueberries. I was certainly impressed at the speed in which I filled about half the bucket. When I got home, I thoroughly rinsed and put 2 pounds in freezer bag for freezing. The rest went in a tupperware container and in the fridge. I felt like Huckleberry Finn walking amongst the blueberry patches singing and being out in the open air. Still there was one more stop I needed to make on this trip.

I heard rumors of a tea shop in Exeter. Those of you who follow this blog know that I used to frequent the Licorice and Sloe Tea Company in Newburyport for many years until they closed up. This loss was difficult for me to bear. Still, I set out in hopes of finding a nice place to grab a cup of tea when I visit the spring. I found the White Lily Tea Shop.

Upon entering, it became immediately apparent this place was so much more than a tea shop. There were botanicals, herbs, soaps...the shop also offered herbal remedy consultations and massage therapy. I felt like I walked into a magical nook in which I could order up any potion I wished. The owner was a lively and engaging woman named Rebecca. She let me look all around her shop and taught me about some of the teas and herbs she carries. I ordered up her secret recipe Chai on ice...which was made just the way I like it. She even let me take a picture inside her shop.

I told Rebecca that I will be posting this on my blog and that she will get a ton of new business after this goes out to the world. I know there are tens of thousands of you out there who read this every just try not to inundate her all at once!

Three more days before I make my return to Whole Foods...part of me wants the journey to just keep going. I will write a bonus post on Sunday, a reflective piece regarding all the insights and friends I gained through this experience. Then the blog will continue to evolve into an even brighter beacon for filling our lives through positive eating and positive living!

Stay Outside the Box!


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Anonymous said...

As always, I enjoyed reading your blog. I wanted to let you know that thanks to you, I was inspired to buy a 2.5 gallon slim container complete with spout for filling cups and pots the like and headed off to one of the springs right in my very own hometown for the very first time! The experience was exciting as I parked my little Honda on the side of a main road in town and trampled through the woods to find this fresh water spilling out of a hose in the wilderness. As I put out my hands and allowed the liquid crystals dancing in the sun to pool into my "handmade" drinking vessel, I tasted the freshest water I've ever had, and that's saying a lot as Monson has some of the best town drinking water in the country (my sister told me she read that in the paper). After experiencing the death of both of my grandmothers within less than two weeks and rushing to prepare to head off to a memorial service over four hours away, I was grateful for this moment to slow down and reconnect with the earth and its positive gifts which are so plentiful if we only stop to accept them. Thanks, Matt!