Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wow! I got to up my game....

Hi Positive Eaters,

Over the past six days I've been checking out some other people's blogs. While I am proud of my lovely little blogspot....some people are doing some incredible stuff out there. I am not a celebrity...but many of my friends are and there blogs have videos, guest contributers, contests, spiritual awakening practices......It is enough to make me want to dress up in a funny costume dance around and then figure out how to upload video. Well I don't have really any funny costumes. But if I was going to do a video on positive eating, I would dress up like Shrek and have the song All-Star by Smashmouth playing in the background and I would turn delicous healthy foods into mock disgusting foods! That would be wicked cool.

If you get a chance check out the important work many of these people are doing in the world of health and nutrition.

My School's Blog site

The blog of an absolute genius

A woman who really understands building a relationship with food

Deepak Chopra

My Good Friend Sebastian Oddo's Blog

I want to do another post with more blogs for you to check out. So all my friends that read this blog, who have blogs, send me the links and I'll get them up here.

stay positive,


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