Thursday, April 3, 2008

Positive Lunch notes from Mom

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Remember those wonderful little lunch notes you got from Mom. At first, they made you feel so good about yourself. Then you started to hide them because you didn't want the other kids to find out....but you still cherished them all the same. There cannot be anyone out there who deep down wasn't smiling from ear to ear when they saw a little scrap paper in their lunch.

I've recently been lucky enough to start getting lunch notes from my mom again. Except now....she sends me emails and they are about the awesome positive lunches she is providing herself. Hear are a couple of her emails

Hi Matt,

I had another nice lunch. I took cherry tomatoes and sprinkled lime pepper and some balsamic vinegar in a small container. When I had lunch I cut up the rest of the avocado, but forgot to put in my pecans. I mixed it up a bit and it was sooooooo good! When I saw the pecans I dropped them in the container which had just a smidgen of the vinegar left, but it was still good, but I am sure would have been even better if I had put the pecans in before I ate it. Talk with you soon.

Love, MOM

Just thought I would tell you that my lunch was terrific. I had the spring mix salad dad made. I added pecans and then avocado and balsamic vinegar. It was great. Hope you day is going well.

Love, MOM one tell my mother that her emails to her son are broadcasting over the world wide web. She probably will be embarrassed. Maybe I am subconsciously getting her back for the time a couple of fourth grades stole my lunch when I was in the second grade and showed everyone a note from her that read.

Matty Boy,

Remember that you are great. This is your day. We love you

Your Loving Mother

Set me back about seven years from becoming one of the "cool kids".

Stay Positive,



Mom said...

This very proud mother has never minded the whole world knowing you are one great young man. Remember, (how can you forget) me most mornings sending you off with the words, "make it a great day; you are exchanging one day of your life for it - make it count for good. Most days you did and you still are.

Marian Flaxman said...

Now I know what to write in Aurora's lunch notes. :)

ps- she loves the flower head thing.