Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Staying positive even when the pasta is mushy

Hi guys,

Today I brutally failed in my attempt to cook Sprouted Whole Grain Pasta. I made two attempts at this. Once with my pasta cooker and another time trying to cook it in my rice cooker. Simply put, it wasn't happening today folks. I was not even able to supply you with a picture of this debacle...because I could not locate the camera. Things were quite awry in the realm of office cooking.

Nevertheless, my primary food was well in tact. I enjoyed my mushy pasta with friends and talked about the wacky ways of the world. I went back to the kitchen to get some yogurt and low and behold an entire plate of fruit salad was sitting there.

I snatched the whole tray and brought it back as an offering to my fellow positive eaters! Just goes to show you that being positive always gives you a great return.....so start investing!


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