Monday, May 12, 2008

ChiRunning and ChiWalking

Hello All,

As many of you know, I am an avid runner. I love to run so much that I've driven myself to the point of sheer exhaustion doing it. This is partially because I have an exaggerated personality and partially because running is the most beautiful thing I've ever done with my body.

When my good friend Ry Chi became a certified ChiRunning instructor in October, he taught me how to run in a way that was both energy efficient and free of pain. Suddenly my relationship with running was no longer dysfunctional. I now run everyday with a feeling quite similar to marital bliss (I think...).

Ry Chi not only taught me how to run more effectively but introduced me to the fine people at ChiLiving. To make a long story you, they love Positive Eating! In a recent addition of their newsletter they featured a nutrition article by yours truly :)

I encourage all of you to sign up for the ChiRunning and ChiWalking newsletter. You will learn more about your body than you could ever have dreamed and you may even get a dose of nutrition advice now and again.

Here is the link to the article,

ChiRunning Article

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If any of you would like to learn more about ChiRunning or ChiWalking you can click on the logo above for a list of instructors in your area. If you live near me....then you can be instructed by Ry Chi himself! His link is below

ChiRunning and ChiWalking Instruction

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