Saturday, June 11, 2011

Big Thanks to Andover High School's IN THE SPOTLIGHT

Hey Everyone,

This week is going great! I got a chance to do an interview with Andover High School's IN THE SPOTLIGHT. I love seeing kids doing something positive and creating worthwile media. The show featured an exceptional host, Joe Kukyendall, and he asked some great questions about this blog and other prevalent health issues of the day. I believe this is airing on Andover Community Television right now! I had a really good time and would love to do it again in the future.

Green Challenge is going well. I made a couple of green juices that were really good lately. I tried one that was just greens and it wasn't as disgusting as I thought it might be. I am also holding it down everday with some fresh salad greens that I picked up the other day. That is right...fresh local greens are starting to pop up some places!

I am really happy to be getting this blog going strong again. I look at it as a platform to advocate for healthy eating as an avenue to a more fun and enjoyable life. Please let me know of ways I can improve this corner of the World Wide Web. I appreciate any feedback you can give. My goal is to get a video up this coming week. So visit back!

Stay Positive,


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