Saturday, June 4, 2011

Adding stuff in is way cooler

Hi guys,

Wow! I am really surprised at how difficult this challenge is. I am four days in and almost failed twice to get in a daily green. Fortunately, throwing some Kale into my morning juice and a special delivery to work one day kept me on top. I got to say adding things in is the way to go. This to me is why many "diets" fail. They are too restrictive. They follow the "eat this, not that" paradigm and that is no fun for anyone.

As soon as you are told not to do something, the human psyche wants to do it. This is just a reality that makes being a human a wacky experience. That is one of the reasons this blog focuses on all the great stuff you can eat. There is an abundance of healthy and delicous food out there. I'd rather say "eat this, and this and this, and definitely try some of that, and you can eat as much of you want of this over here, and don't forget to try some of this too." Americans were told, not to eat fat, then we became deficient in healthy fats. Then there was the "great carb scare" and people starting consuming sugar alcohols at an alarming rate. We literally became frightened to put a fork in our mouths. I believe, you do less harm and have more fun when you concern yourself with adding healthy food in, rather than cutting certain foods out.

I am pretty confident you can eat greens til you are blue in the face and not face any dire consequences...except for maybe a blue face. Leafy green vegetables is a great "add in" to get started with. I notice people tend to notice a kind "healthy feeling" inside when they first start trying them on a regular basis. Tomorrow, I will try and post up a really good green recipe!

Stay Positive,


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