Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Taking on the Sugar Challenge

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Hi there...thanks for stopping by our blog. We hope you visit often and provide support, advice and humor...we are going to need all three!

Why the sugar challenge? All of us in America are drowning in a sea of sugar. We are riding a glycemic roller coaster that leads us into a constant grab for cheap energy every step of the way. This became even more apparent to me personally when after two years of cleaning up my diet substantially, I noticed I still consumed many products that contain processed sugar. When I went a day without them, I felt nervous and/or foggy. I began to notice that even my most health conscious friends still went gaga for chocolate chip cookies and ice cream.

I was discussing this with my good friend Jeff Bartlett one night and someone blurted out that we should just give it up for a month (I am thinking that someone is me since I am prone to exaggerated overtures). That's right, go Miles Davis on this thing. So here we are taking on this radical challenge for the entertainment of you all.

Sugar is in everything from baked goods to salad dressing. The question is often raised "what will you eat then." The answer is a lot simpler than you might believe. We can eat anything that is a plant or an animal. Sure fruits and many vegetables are packed with sugar but these are natural occuring fruit sugars and/or more complex carbohydrates. Refined and processed sugars are extracted from their natural source to surge into our blood stream with a take no prisoners mentality. Here is a simple example, when someone collects sap from a tree to make maple syrup they need to cook out the sugars to get that sweet gooey substances we pour all over our waffles. Tree sap alone is not very appetizing. Fruit on the other hand glistens in the sun asking us to devour it. We go through all this chewing and we break down all this fiber as a rite of passage to the energy/sugar it provides. That is how it works if the sugar comes along with the whole package we will roll with it...if it needs to be cooked/extracted/evaporated/siphoned/crystallized out we are staying away for 30 days!

We plan on allowing one glaring exception. We will allow honey to be used as a sweetener. Honey acts, looks, behaves and tastes just like sugar and techinically is processed, in a plant called hive by a workforce called honey bees. I find this one example of nature providing a refinery for us to get quick energy. Honey will also be necessary to make breads and get us by from time to time. I know it seems cheap...but there are so many positive health claims to consuming honey, it seems silly to restrict it.

We hope that this challenge raises some awareness to some pretty important issues. Sugar consumption is linked to obesity, heart disease, certain cancers and type II diabetes. If one were to graph the rise in sugar consumption in America and the rise in occurence of these health issues, you would see the march upward in lock step with one another. Reports by the Word Health Organization show type II diabetes hitting rates of 60% among North Americans in the next 30 years. Such a future would cripple the current health care system and lower life expectancy dramatically.

This blog, like Positive Eating will stay away from the doom and gloom. We are hoping to show you how living without sugar for 30 days can be a life changing and fun experience. Let us know how you feel by posting comments or visiting our facebook pages.

Alright...Let's Ride.


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