Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What is Health Counseling?


I am so happy to finally post on this blog page again! Things have been pretty incredible making the transition to being a Health Counselor full time. However, I am happily ready to start blogging again. Let's start by telling you what it is I do in this new career.

Health Counseling is about looking at the entire scope of a person and guiding them in ways that will bring more health and vibrancy into their lives. This is a holistic practice in the truest sense. There is really no effective way to teach or preach healthy living. The vast majority of people know that getting adequate rest, eating fruits and vegetables, drinking water and partaking in some form of physical movement are all part of a healthy lifestyle. Even with this knowledge, this country still struggles with many health problems that are completely preventable.

This is not because we are lazy! America is probably the least lazy country on the planet. We work long hours, we make sure our children are given every opportunity in the world and we remain active in our communities. We are actually so busy not being lazy that we leave our bodies on the back burner as we move through this land of opportunity at break neck speed.

Unfortunately, our mind and our spirit is given only one human body in which to travel through life. This is why it is so important to make sure that we nourish ourselves at every level of human experience. Only then can we truly integrate healthy changes into our lifestyle. This is why health counseling is so effective. It allows us to take a one hour break from the marathon we attempt to sprint every single day and take notice of what our body truly needs. My job as a counselor is to recognize those things with you and then develop a plan that will make sure the change is made and accepted by your mind, body and spirit.

To learn more about my six month health counseling program please contact me via my website. I strongly encourage you to sign up for a free initial health history consultation. I look forward to talking to you.

I am excited to be blogging again! Please know that your comments and support are always welcome!

Stay Positive,



SebastianOddo said...

welcome back! good post.


Nick said...

Excellent! You will lead many to great health. Sending you tons of Positive Feelings for a super successful career and incredible clients! PRF, Nick

Kelly Ann said...

Well said Matt. Those who are graced to work with you will be so blessed! You are amazing, positive, and so supportive! My best, Kelly Ann